Organic Geochemistry Lab

The Organic Geochemistry Lab (OGL) is a ~2500 sq. ft. shared laboratory space directed by Profs. Julio Sepulveda and Sebastian Kopf. It is located in the brand-new SEEL (Sustainability, Energy, Environment Labs) building and started operation in 2016. This shared facility was specifically designed for research operations in organic geochemistry and compound-specific isotope analysis (C, N, H), and is equipped with 7 fume hoods, bench space for ~12 researchers, and state-of-the-art preparative and analytical equipment including sample extraction systems (Dionex 200 Accelerated Solvent Extraction, Anton Paar Multiwave 3000 Microwave Extraction, Gilson GX-274 ASPEC Solid Phase Extraction) and mass spectrometers for compound identification (Thermo TSQ 8000 with Trace 1310 GC; Thermo PolarisQ ion-trap with TraceGC; Q Exactive Focus Orbitrap-Quadrupole MS with Scientific Ultimate 3000 HPLC) and isotopic measurements by GC-combustion/pyrolysis-IRMS (Thermo MAT 253 Plus IRMS equipped with CNOS and HD collectors, ConFlo-IV interface, GC IsolinkII, and Trace GC1310). The OGL is managed by Dr. Nadia Dildar.