Sebastian Kopf

Geomicrobial Physiology Lab Principal Investigator

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Curriculum Vitae


I started at the University of Colorado Boulder in Fall 2016 as Assistant Professor of Geomicrobiology. My lab is part of the growing Geobiology group at CU Boulder whose primary home is in the Department of Geological Sciences, with additional ties to the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) and the Biofrontiers Institute. I co-direct various laboratory resources for culturing, molecular work, and (organic) isotope geochemistry. I am interested in a wide range of biogeochemical and geobiological questions with a particular focus on research aimed at understanding (and reconstituting) environmentally relevant growth conditions and uncovering the physiological basis and environmental production of biological signatures. When not busy taming microbes in the lab I love to explore the Colorado back-country (on foot or skis), tinker with electronics and 3D printing, and cultivate wild sourdough starters in search of the perfect bread.