Hiring a research assistant

18 December 2016

The Isotope Geomicrobiology Group is seeking a highly qualified research technician and laboratory manager starting in February 2017. The Isotope Geomicrobiology Group comprises the Kopf and Wing labs located in the Benson Earth Sciences building and is focused on studying the physiology and geologic signatures (isotope effects and lipid biomarkers) of diverse geochemically relevant microorganisms (phototrophic, heterotrophic and chemolithotrophic aerobes and anaerobes across all domains of life). We regularly combine aspects of aerobic and anaerobic laboratory culture, continuous culture, molecular biology, fluorescence microscopy, aqueous chemistry, isotopic analysis, and experimental design (3D-printing, microcontroller & circuit setup), and are looking for a highly motivated individual with excellent technical, communicational and organizational skills who is looking to apply and expand their existing skillset in a friendly and highly collaborate research environment. For additional details and the CU Boulder application portal, please consult the official job posting.