Data Visualization (Special Topics Seminar)

Next class: Spring 2023 | Time: Tu/Th 2-3:15pm
Course #: GEOL 4700-015/5700-015

This special topics seminar discusses theory, best practices, and common pitfalls of data visualization with hands-on exercises in RMarkdown using ggplot2 and its powerful grammar-of-graphics approach. Best for grad students/postdocs/researchers who have specific data sets they want to work on visualizing. This seminar uses RMarkdown and tidyverse-style R for programming, as well as Git & GitHub for version control and instructor/peer feedback. No prior experience with these tools is required but some experience with at least one programming language (R, python, matlab, C++, fortran) is highly recommended.

Fall 2021 Gallery

code & data repository (for students in the 2021 cohort)